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Law References

  • Philadelphia Community Legal Services

    CLS is a non profit organization aimed to help low-income Philadelphia residents with legal issues by providing advice and representation in civil matters, advocating for their legal rights, and conducting community education about legal issues. They also provide community education used to inform low-income communities about their legal rights, conducting policy analysis and advocacy, and filing class action law suits to help large numbers of poor people facing similar injustices.

  • Public Citizen

    Website for Public Citizen, an advocacy organization for consumers.

Organizations We Belong To

  • Class Action and Derivative Suits Committee

    Website of the Class Action and Derivative Suits Committee of the American Bar Association’s Litigation Section. Michael Donovan is the Chair of the Consumer Law Subcommittee.

  • National Consumer Law Center

    Website of the National Consumer Law Center. The members of Donovan Litigation Group are contributors to the NCLC’s publications.